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How To Make Rejection Hurt Less

Rejection is something you will most definitely face in dating AND relationships.


Most people subconsciously want to get into a relationship as quickly as possible so they can finally be free of rejection.


The truth is even once you are in a relationship, you will be rejected at times. Maybe they choose to spend time with friends instead of you one evening. Maybe you have a misunderstanding or an argument. Rejection is a natural part of life and we need to get friendly with it if we want to succeed in the long term.


If you don’t get friendly with rejection you will likely give up on things easily, take things personally, and have a much more painful dating experience.


Here’s another BIG truth: the more bold action you take in any given area of life, the more rejection you will experience in that part of life.


So I want you to adopt the following reframe: "If I’m not getting rejected frequently, I must not really be putting myself...

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