Client Reviews

Over the years, many of you have been kind enough to reach out and tell me how my work has impacted you. Thank you so much! 

I have collected some of my favorite official reviews and testimonials here and there are more to come.


"I’m pleased with my past self and the way that I jumped right in. I would recommend that. Get into the program and give it a really good chance because Amber is an amazing coach. I’m glad that I picked Amber and this process and program. It’s beyond words. I’m 60, but if you are in your 20s or 30s and you get these valuable insights about dating the trajectory of this work is life-changing. Even in my 60s- it’s life-changing. If you’re thinking about it and you’re ready to jump in and do it- it has a life-changing impact.”- Paula



"I don’t want there to be a stigma around asking for help around dating. It helps to have a guiding light with us as we find our answers. I wanted to sign up, it was an easy thing for me to do. The curriculum that you have is so easy to digest, especially for Type A women.

Things fell into place and I wondered why didn’t I do this sooner?

If I had found this in my 20s I wouldn’t have been single for a decade. This is coming from a woman who has never had a proper healthy relationship. EVER.
And here I am in an incredibly healthy emotionally supportive relationship with a wonderful man." -Melissa


"I attracted an emotionally mature partner."


"My relationship is magnificent and wonderful."

-What’s more difficult, med school or dating school?
-Dating resilience and not quitting no matter what.
-Owning your attachment style and finding someone compatible.
-“The people who appreciate you are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.”
-Overcoming the fear of being “too much” or “too needy.”
-How to stay calm during dating turbulence.
-Dating when you don’t want kids while in your 30s.
-The most fun part of dating and how to enjoy it more.
-Dating multiple people.
-Initiating exclusivity.
-Women should make the first move!
-How to date men who plan and show up fully.
-How she created a “magnificent and wonderful” relationship.
-Keep going, keep growing.
-What if you’re already ready for your person?

-Former 1:1 and group coaching client Zuhal E. 


"I feel so much more confident now."

-Amelia shares what led her to decide to prioritize dating in her 30s.
-Amelia shares how she overcame the thought: “It’s ridiculous for someone to want me, men only care about looks” and how she now believes she is “sexy, interesting, and desirable.”
-How she learned to feel more comfortable with flirting and romantic attention.
-How she got out of the “caregiving role” in dating.
-How to have more fun in dating.
-Not making rejection so personal
-Dating both men and women.


"It's amazing to be on the same page as someone, who really does want to be with you."

My main challenge was wrapping my head around the "dating world." I was a bit lost and feeling all this anxiety and prickly feelings when it came to dating that I couldn't figure out. Amber gave me the basic tools and a positive MINDSET to have when it comes to dating. 

Amber is amazing, she is thoughtful in each response and treats everyone like a queen. She reminds us that we ARE worthy of good things and deserving of loving, lasting relationships. 

When Amber used Brooke Castillo’s "The Model" on me, it really struck me by surprise. Listing out how I want to feel and how I am feeling on paper is quite incredible. It helps me get into a productive mentality where no matter what happened, I could continue to create opportunities for lasting relationships. 

Amber encouraged me to go after an AMAZING GUY. We just started out, but I feel really good about our connection and foundation. It's amazing to be on the same page as someone, who really does want to be with you (he made a list of all of our dates we are going on lol!) and does want exclusivity.

I recommend this program to women who are a bit lost in themselves, and it ends up showing up in their relationships. I have a dear friend who is smart, beautiful, so loving but she struggles with men a lot. I was that girl before too but after getting my confidence restructured, I saw that in order to be in a thoughtful relationship, I must love myself FULLY first.
-Client testimonial Rosana M.

"During the course of working with Amber,  I met a really nice guy who stepped up with flying colors."

Before meeting Amber, I was a very anxious dater. I was scared of asking the guys I date about how they feel, where our relationship is headed if we are exclusive etc. I felt like I had no voice - paralyzed by anxiety. This resulted in me being confused, brokenhearted, and disillusioned with the whole dating thing.

Then I had a talk with Amber and I was able to have a new perspective. She has been very easy to talk to, supportive, and to the point when giving advice. I always feel like I'm just talking to one of my best friends - except her advice is actually useful. She made me see that dating is like an interview. I am interviewing potential guys as my partner.

I felt like I got my confidence back and saw myself like the queen that I am. I adopted a curious mindset and found dating enjoyable again. During the course of working with Amber,  I met a really nice guy who stepped up and passed the interview with flying colors.

Even then, I still found Amber's support invaluable as she helped me navigate dating to being exclusive.  I know that whatever happens in the future, the teachings Amber has given me have set me up for life.

If anyone is like me - anxious and confused about dating or relationships in general, I highly recommend Amber. Her passion, insight, and genuine desire to help is truly admirable. I am in debt."
-Mae F.

"I have never been able to show up in such a vulnerable yet peaceful way with another person and it’s truly due to this program!"

Amber is exactly who I needed to help me navigate the early stages of dating and exclusivity. Her calm demeanor and clear, consistent coaching helped me learn skills that allowed me to relax in a budding relationship and trust myself to keep my best interests in mind as I created and maintained boundaries. Both confidence and security within me have been greatly enhanced and I feel optimistic about my new relationship as a result. I have never been able to show up in such a vulnerable yet peaceful way with another person and it’s truly due to this program.

I would recommend Amber and dating coaching to anyone at any age who wants to learn how to date by being open and curious about others while maintaining their own happy journey and self-love. The women in my program were so bright, sensitive and fun to collaborate with that the experience was even better than I could have imagined.
-Client testimonial from Kristin H.

"I have learned to stop playing games but rather, show up in a way that is authentic!"

Before working with Amber, I struggled with insecurity and the inability to open up or be authentic when dating, I was so focused on being the girl I thought the guy wanted that I did not always reveal my true self. I was insecure about my worth and was very critical of myself, but after working with Amber I have learned to stop playing games but rather, show up in a way that is authentic. I have also learned how to be more forgiving of myself when things don't work out. The “Just Checking” mindset has really helped me tackle my feelings of insecurity. She really teaches you how to tackle your negative thoughts! I highly recommend this program to anyone who just needs extra help with thought work. This program helps you learn how to tackle the mental blocks and enjoy the process!
-Client testimonial from Crystal

"You've seriously transformed my outlook on dating and relationships and helped me foster a connection in which I am so so loved and in love."

The main challenge I faced before working with Amber was getting completely overwhelmed by dating anxiety. I felt like it would be impossible to find the right person for me and that there was no one I could truly connect with where I lived. If I did meet someone I liked, I would agonize over every interaction and delve into negative self-talk if I wasn't seeing the progress in the connection that I wanted. Amber helped me realize that the simple belief that the right person does exist, and can be found in your area, can make a tremendous difference in your dating reality. And it did! 

Working with Amber is an amazing deal, because you get more than relationship coaching, you get the benefit of life coaching too. So much of what I worked on with Amber are things I've been able to apply to relationships and situations outside of dating. Amber is immediately calming, relives anxiety, and helps you see things more clearly. She has incredible metaphors and is a wellspring of advice. She also listens carefully and gives you the stage to explain every little detail you may want to share with her so she can understand the full picture. She isn't afraid to give you a dose of reality when you need it, but always delivers it in a kind and compassionate way. In essence, working with Amber is like talking to a friend that's both an amazing listener and an expert in helping you address and resolve the issues you face. 

I experienced several monumental shifts while working with Amber. The first was building the belief that the right guy for me was out there, and in my area. The second was that being my authentic self and expressing my needs/desires in a connection vulnerably wouldn't hurt a budding connection, it would actually direct me to the right one.  The third was that once you're exclusive, it's ok to take your time getting to the boyfriend/girlfriend stage. I used to get caught up wanting to go from one milestone to the next. Amber taught me that once the exclusive container is established, it's actually a gift to just explore the connection naturally from there, and reach the next steps organically. 4th, Amber came up with the "5 key elements to a connection with a strong foundation" which are friendship, intimacy, respect, growth mindset, shared vision and values. This is something I tell anyone I can about, because it's so powerful and so true. I also continuously go back to the elements in my relationship if I ever need a reminder of the solid foundation my partner and I share. 5th, Amber taught me about the importance of space, for both partners, and how to cultivate it in a way that doesn't make the other person feel rejected. Space, and not overwatering, is so important, and Amber is a master in helping you find the right balance for you and your connection.

First and foremost, completing the program gave me the tools to handle dating and relationship anxiety in their many complex forms. I've also learned how to build a relationship with intention, and on a foundation of respect and growth. Through my work with Amber, I found the guy I never thought I would: the guy who checks all my boxes, scores an A in all 5 elements and truly understands me (and I'm super attracted to him too!). I didn't think it was possible because I didn't believe the guy who had everything I wanted existed. Amber taught me that he not only existed, but that he was ready and excited about a connection with me.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is single and dating, or wants to start dating. If Amber had the bandwidth, I'd also recommend her to everyone regardless of relationship status, because her advice is that universal. If you want to learn how to meet the person that will love you for who you are, and you'll love back, you should work with Amber. If you want to alleviate dating anxiety and start pursuing new connections with confidence, you should work with Amber. If you want to understand the complex emotions you may feel around dating, and how to address them, you should work with Amber. If you have a pulse, you should work with Amber. 

You've seriously transformed my outlook on dating and relationships and helped me foster a connection in which I am so so loved and in love. Thank you for everything Amber. 
-Client testimonial from Emma F.

"I was able to find a relationship while feeling positive and patient in the process."

I wanted a relationship for so long but truly believed that a) something was wrong with me, that guys didn't see me as relationship material and b) that no guys wanted to be in a monogamous relationship, they just wanted to be casual.

Coaching with Amber was life-changing! Amber calmly gets you to question your thoughts and has rational and reasonable ways to make small shifts in your thoughts and actions that end up creating a huge difference in how you feel inside. I felt more relaxed and confident, and that changed how I interacted with the world. I was able to find what I was looking for and be comfortable, patient, and positive about the process.

It's hard to believe that I have gotten rid of this very strongly held belief that I had for at least 10 years that there was something wrong with me and that men don't want to be in a relationship. I now believe that I am lovable and that there are lots of men who want to be in a relationship. I learned skills, not tricks, about how to create a good online dating profile, not to be discouraged by "creepy" guys online, how to find enjoyment in online dating, not need to "take breaks" from it.

I created 2 relationships with great guys. I had the confidence to end one that I wasn't feeling enough passion about. I am enjoying my current relationship with my current boyfriend. I'm excited about the future and feel like I'll be able to handle challenges better. I am confident that there will always be another guy if this relationship does not work out.  I've learned many skills that I can use for the rest of my life and many of them are even applicable to areas outside of dating.

I would recommend this program to all of my single friends: female or male (or other), straight or queer.
-Client testimonial from Katrina R.


"I have started a relationship with a great guy"

Before working with Amber I was having difficulty feeling confident in dating- I didn’t have a lot of dating experience. I felt like I didn’t know what I should be doing to find the right person, and was scared that I might not find the type of relationship I wanted. I was starting to not really enjoy dating, and get burned out. Amber is a very attentive and caring coach, helped me to identify areas that were holding me back. She gave me a lot of useful tips to develop a different, more healthy mindset toward dating, and stay grounded. 

As I worked with Amber, I began to relax about dating and put myself in a better headspace. I felt more able to be vulnerable and take leaps of faith. I did not feel as scared, or that I needed to control the outcome. I became more curious in dating, and focused more on the here and now. I was better able to let go of situations that weren’t working and developed more faith in the idea that I would be able to build a relationship. I become more intentional about dating, and in the process had more fun. I found it easier to recognize my negative thoughts and keep them in check. I started to feel more confident about my needs/wants, and needed less external validation. I finally began to feel more confident in myself and trust myself. 

I have started a relationship with a great guy who I am very compatible with, and coaching with Amber helped me to recognize that and embrace it. These days I feel way less attached to the outcome and am better able to enjoy the experienceI recommend this program to anyone who feels like they don’t know how to find the relationship they want, or feels anxious when it comes to dating. Amber really has a great way of breaking things down and helping you approach dating in a more healthy way. I am really glad that I had this experience. 
-Client testimonial from Dolores M.

"These lessons ultimately gave me the kind of inner peace that made me content with my single life and a really great catch to men"

I was very anxious about dating when I first reached out to Amber. I was very attached to the outcome of finding a boyfriend and wasn’t showing up as my best self in connections with men. I was playing a lot of “hard-to-get” games and was just completely fatigued from it. As a result, I over-thinking every single move I made when dating and just wasn’t having fun

When I started working with Amber, I learned about the importance of valuing myself, being more internally focused (instead of focusing solely on the needs and opinions of the other person) and to end things with men that weren’t a good fit for me. All of the different mindset shifts, as well as some tactical dating tips, that Amber helped me with really allowed me to relax in dating and start having more fun. 

While I have an amazing therapist that has helped me out with my confidence, Amber’s specific coaching style complimented the work my therapist and I have been doing. Amber’s amazing use of metaphors helped me to understand concepts about confidence that didn’t click for me in the past. My therapist recently told me, “calling the dating coach was the best thing you did”. 

While I called Amber initially because I wanted to have more success in the dating department, I ended up gaining so much more than that. I learned how to separate my value from what men thought of me. I learned to be kinder to myself. I learned to focus on myself. These lessons ultimately gave me the kind of inner peace that made me content with my single life and a really great catch to men. It all fell into place.
-Client testimonial Camilla M.

"I found the relationship I was looking for!"

Being coached by Amber has been an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for me. I’m someone who gets wrapped up in the stories my mind is telling me, and she has a way of sharing a personal experience or asking a question that makes it much harder to buy into those stories.

I’ve noticed a huge shift internally since I’ve started working with Amber. I put a lot less pressure on myself to make dates “go well” or worrying before or after about the way things went. Even more noticeably has been the effect she’s had on my relationships. At times I’ve been very confused about my feelings or the “right” thing to do. It’s been invaluable to have a coach who’s experienced in relationships and has so much wisdom to offer.

Most of all, I can’t fully describe how helpful it’s been to know I have her support no matter what happens. Even in emergencies, she’s been ready to answer a call or text. She’s extremely dedicated and talented at what she does.

I’d recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to go on more dates, find a relationship partner or take their relationship to the next level. I think it’d also be great for anyone who’s confused or intimidated by dating and/or romantic relationships.”

-Client testmonial Matthew B.

"I met the love of my life and we are now in a relationship that is extraordinary."

"Amber has been an amazing coach. Before working with Amber I was lacking confidence in the area of dating and I was very unsure about getting a dating coach since it was a big economical investment for me. But I decided to go for it and I've never regretted it since.
Amber has taught me new tools and mindsets to use in my dating life and I've had a rapid shift in confidence. I started dating guys and was able to be confident and authentic talking to them. After some dates, I met the love of my life and we are now in a relationship that is extraordinary.
What Amber has taught me has been priceless. She is a very good listener and when I have had setbacks or felt down she has always supported me which has encouraged me to continue being who I am in this big world.
If you are doubting starting coaching sessions with Amber, I encourage you to take the leap. If you are willing to face challenges and want to change your dating life for the better - then Amber is the perfect coach for you!"

-Client testimonial Nikki V.

"Dating Is Now Fun And Exciting"

“I initially found Amber's podcasts when my dating anxiety became unbearable. I binge-listened to all of her podcasts in less than 2 weeks and that alone helped alleviate a large amount of my anxiety, so I knew I had to work with her one-on-one.

Our coaching sessions have been absolutely life-changing for me. Amber is as much a life coach as she is a dating coach. She has taught me so many valuable skills including the ability to be vulnerable, communicate effectively and be kind/compassionate towards myself. Amber is incredibly insightful and takes such a poised, elegant approach to interacting with people. My dating life is transitioning from stressful to fun and exciting.

I have a new-found confidence and respect for myself that I didn't even realize I was missing. I am looking forward to continuing to work with my amazing coach and highly recommend her to everyone who is/has ever struggled with dating!

-Zuhal A.

"I'm no longer anxious, overthinking, or afraid to speak up- and I have a boyfriend!"

"Coaching with Amber has been a truly amazing and transformative life experience for me. She is an incredibly wise, warm, non-judgmental teacher, who understood with great perception what I was trying to express and needed. I have developed increased confidence, assertiveness, self-worth, enjoyment, and hope for the dating process, knowledge of my thought processes... and a boyfriend! 

Since as young as I can remember I had beliefs I was somehow inadequate and would never find a partner. Dating felt like a giant mystery that everyone else could solve except for me. I felt I was trying but sinking in mud. Dating, and feeling I was not progressing in building a meaningful connection, was the biggest source of pain in my life. Ambers approach was a breath of fresh air and gave me hope. Coaching with Amber was like learning an exciting new skill. Her style simultaneously touches on deep issues and yet brings lightness and humor to the process. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process (even with some growth pains!).

When I met Amber I was seeing someone in the early stages of dating. We had not clarified if we were exclusive or talked about whether we wanted a relationship. He was showing mixed messages of investing in the connection. My usual approach was to wait for the other person to bring up any of these conversations, as I was afraid of being „too needy“ and „ruining“ the chance of a relationship. I spent my efforts on trying to be the person I thought they would like and didn’t see the value I could bring to a connection. This left me anxious, constantly overthinking and trying to read small signs such as text messages and actions to see if they liked me and guess what they wanted. This was exhausting and took away from my sense of agency and peace of mind.

During coaching with Amber I learned to recognize my worth and the value I can bring to a connection. I developed skills in listening to my emotions to understand what I am comfortable with, and what I am striving for in a connection. Then I learned to speak up and initiate difficult conversations, to clarify what I want and where the other person was at. A fundamental mindset I learned was that my needs are just as important as the other persons. After all, I want to ultimately be in a relationship where someone respects me and values me speaking up in order for the relationship to grow. Bringing up these conversations helped me get what I wanted! My boyfriend reflected on the conversations I had brought up and changed his actions to invest in our connection to the level I was hoping for. He even said “although the conversations were uncomfortable I’m glad we had them because they progressed the relationship”, an amazing outcome!

I would recommend Coaching with Amber for absolutely anyone struggling in dating, it is truly worth the investment! Thanks Amber :)"
-Client Testimonial Nadine N.

"I have a boyfriend this year for Valentine's! Yayyy!"

"I've just concluded my three-month coaching sessions with Amber; and, I can honestly say, there has been a major shift. I feel much more confident and self-aware than I did before. Previously, in my dating life, I was often scared and nervous to open up and be my true self, especially when saying what I know I wanted to say. Since working with Amber, I've learned to reevaluate the stories I create; and, more importantly, I learned how to set healthy boundaries and be true to myself. I highly recommend working with Amber for anyone who finds themselves anxious when it comes to love."

-Client testimonial Sherry 

"I’m definitely more in touch with myself through the dating process and having more fun with it"

"Before working with Amber I was dating from the perspective of the guy. This would leave me constantly thinking about what I needed to be for him to like me or want to see me more. Now I am better at noticing my own experience.  How do I feel about him? How do I feel when I’m with him or connecting with him? “Dating from my perspective” as I like to call it. 

Amber as a coach is professional, calm, and great at viewing every dating situation neutrally and without judgment. However, she is also good at giving you a gentle push in the right direction when needed. 

I didn’t know if I would like the group coaching at first and whether I would relate to the other women in the group. However, it turned out to be great. We generally had more in common than I thought despite different nationalities and ages, and often the other women in the group would ask the questions I didn’t even know I needed the answer for. 

I have gotten better at not taking all the blame and responsibility for whether a connection is going good or bad. I’ve gotten more relaxed in my dating process, which makes it a lot more fun and sustainable. I am more aware of when I have to speak up in a connection and feel more okay about whatever happens after. 

I’m definitely more in touch with myself through the dating process and having more fun with it. I’ve also gotten better at recognizing early on whether a connection is right for me or not. 

I’d recommend this program to anyone who is facing challenges of feeling connected with the person they are dating or for the person who is feeling overwhelmed and anxious about dating and especially when using dating apps."

-Natalie K. 

"I have been in therapy for years and talked about dating anxiety, but this really helped me work through it and have a successful dating experience."

"The main challenge was anxiety in dating when I liked someone. Also feeling bored on first dates "meh" and having a hard time feeling invested in online dating.

I felt like Amber kept me focused and on track. I enjoyed that there were mini-goals after each session and it was action-oriented. I also like Amber's philosophy in not "playing games" but taking things slowly and mirroring the other person's investment in the beginning. 

I was able to have a connection where I expressed my needs. I was able to communicate effectively, and not let my anxiety take over. I feel a lot of growth and now am able to have more of an internal locus of control. I am not always thinking of pleasing the other person. I realize that acknowledging my needs in dating and communicating them helps me manage my anxiety better. 

I feel more confident in dating. I also feel that there are people out there that I can have a relationship with- more of an abundance mindset. I am putting out the energy of the woman that I want to be on dates. To create more of that energy I am focussing on things in my life that I am happy with and looking forward to. 

I would recommend this program to anyone who is burnt out on online dating and/or has dating anxiety. I have been in therapy for years and talked about dating anxiety, but this really helped me work through it and have a successful dating experience. I didn't end up staying with the person, but I was able to communicate effectively and get to the point of deciding if I wanted to continue the relationship. 

Thanks for everything Amber!!!!"
-Reena P.