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My Dating And Confidence Transformation Story.

I went on many first dates but hardly any second dates.


Sometimes I would get a second date! But it turned out he was only interested in sex…


Date after date after date, I couldn’t figure out why men didn’t seem to think of me as “relationship material.”


On the other hand, I saw other women easily get into relationships with attractive men. I compared myself and wondered “why can’t I do that? What’s wrong with me?”


After one particularly painful dating experience, I came home late at night and opened up Youtube. I searched “what to do If he pulls away.” One thing led to another, and my life has never been the same since.


I read books about dating and invested a lot of money in programs to learn this skill. I applied everything I learned and started to see results. I created my first loving relationship (after soooooooo many failed dates!)


Then, one day, something really odd happened.


My friend asked me for dating advice!


People around me started to notice my newfound confidence around men. They started to ask me about their dating situations and my advice impacted their results.


Eventually, I could easily spot patterns and see the bigger picture of how things would play out. This made it easy to make suggestions about what to do next.


I eventually reached out to Dr. Aziz Gazipura and asked him to teach me how to work with people professionally and help guide them to better dating results and confidence. I became the first coach on his team and served people worldwide.


At this point I felt ready to share everything I had learned with the public. I created the Women’s Dating And Confidence Podcast which now is rated 5-stars and has 100+ episodes. I want to create a podcast where we could talk about the real insecurities we all face and how to attract people without playing games.


Now, I work with women all over the world through my 1 on 1 coaching program to help them attract emotionally available men who love and value them for who they are.


Dating is a skill, and you can learn it!

My all-inclusive dating program has everything you need to succeed.


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