My Dating And Confidence Transformation Story.

Growing up I always thought dating would be like in the movies. It was all about meeting the “right guy” and there was nothing I had to do to actually attract my soul mate. Once I finally met him everything would just fall into place. Year after year I didn’t meet that guy. I met lots of guys. I went on lots of dates. I liked most of them, but they never saw me as “relationship material.”

At some point I realized that no one was coming to save me. As Jim Rohn perfectly puts it:

“For things to change, you have to change.”

I took this advice to heart and I started reading about dating and relationships. I came to see that my own low self confidence and quiet desperation were pushing the guys I wanted to most the furthest away.

My biggest worry when applying the new advice I was learning was that I would lose myself and attract men in an inauthentic way but that’s not what happened. 

I learned to express myself more freely, to be comfortable with the idea that I can’t attract every single guy, to share my humor and develop my life outside of dating and relationships.

What suprised me the most during this transformation is how much I started to LOVE being single. Single was not a nightmare, it was me living my fullest life. It was my CHOICE until I found my IDEAL man. That’s when dating got really fun.

Many years later I started working at The Center For Social Confidence. I worked with people all around the world improving their confidence, dating and social skills. I started speaking at seminars and founded my podcast: Women’s Dating And Confidence Podcast. 

The transformation has been so much deeper than “getting a guy.” The true gift for me has been that I feel like I have influence over my dating situation and the quality of relationships.

Today I help women like you create their own transformation. I teach you everything I know about dating and confidence so you can have your power back and attract the men you REALLY want.

It’s possible for you.


I can help you create your own dating and confidence transformation. 


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