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Copy And Paste Texts For When He Is Pulling Away Or Acting Flaky

Learn how to communicate in the early stages of dating so that you can expand attraction, connection, and depth with the person you are dating.

So you've been seeing this guy and things are going great...until Thursday.

You loosely made plans for Friday but you haven't heard from him all day. Are your plans still on? Is he still interested? Is it too forward for you to text him? 

This is one of the 8 most common situations women experience in the early dating stages where a guy is pulling away or acting flaky. 

There's a ton of relationship advice out there, but my theory is: relationships start at date #1. We need specific guidance on how to navigate common dating situations like these with men we have just begun dating. 

You are not yet in a 6-month relationship where you can have a sit down with your honey and talk about your relationship. Communication is different in the beginning stages of dating.

So I created this free guide. It has every situation you can think of where a man is pulling away or acting flaky in the early stages of dating. 

The guide explains every situation and exactly what to text and why. The texts are done for you! Enjoy, then pass it along to your best single friend. This is the guide we all needed.  


Copy & Paste Texts For When He Is Pulling Away Or Acting Flaky

Everything you need to know.