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How To Get HIM To Ask YOU Out

Many people believe that the way you get someone to ask you out is by being HOT.


I used to believe this as well especially when I would witness my beautiful friends getting approached by men when we would go out together.


As I started learning more about dating dynamics, I learned that there were certain things I could do to increase my chances of getting asked out by attractive men.


Now before we get started, one point I want to make is that I KNOW these results are based on what I am doing because as soon as I stop doing them (once I am in a relationship) men STOP approaching me. It’s as easy as turning it on or off.


Let me give you some examples of how I “turn it on.”


One day I went salsa dancing. I started to dance with a man there and he then asked me if I would like to go surfing sometime. Why did he ask me that? Because I led the conversation in a way to bring up fun things I like to do in my free time and things I would...

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