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How To Ask A Man Out (Without Seeming Too Needy!)

Most women don’t even realize that approaching a man and asking him out is an option!


In every movie we ever see, it’s always the man that initiates dating and we are led to believe that this is the only romantic way to begin a connection.


There are a few fears that can come up for women when thinking about asking out men:


Will I make it too easy for him? What about the chase?


When you ask someone out, the chase has just begun! Asking a guy out is kind of like saying “tag, you’re it!”


Seriously though… asking a man out is a courageous gesture but it in no way implies that he has already won you over just by sitting across from you at the bar.


As long as you create the space for him to also put in the effort and you avoid doing the work for him, you can still remain in alignment with him after asking him out.


Dating is not a game of who cares less! It’s okay to show some vulnerability in the...

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