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If He Only Wants Part of a Relationship

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2022

This is a little motivational note for anyone who is in a situation with a guy who only wants part of a relationship. 

Maybe he just wants to text with you, hang out with you, or sleep with you, but he doesn’t give you the commitment you’re looking for in a relationship. 

You might be taking a few wrong turns and ending up in a casual, uncomfortable connection with someone who doesn’t respect you. 

If you stay for a long time in these situationships, you could start to tell yourself a story about how this is all that’s out there. It starts to paint your whole picture of dating. 

There are some thoughts that cause us to second guess our intuition and continue in a connection that feels negative to us. 

Some examples of these thoughts might be, “I can’t find anything better.” 

Or, “If I just go with the flow and show him that I’m really cool then he’ll eventually want to be with me.” 

It’s important to understand that this uncomfortable situation is not something that anyone else is doing to you. 

The guy is offering something to you. He’s saying, “Hey, would you like to have a partial relationship with no commitment and no guarantees?”  

You're saying, “Okay, sign me up!” 

You're showing up for it every day. You are answering the messages. You're giving him another chance. 

And it’s not just that you attract the wrong guys. We all do. Our boundaries are what keep them out. 

Ultimately you are the only person who can create and hold on to your boundaries. 

Changing your thoughts can make the boundary part much easier. 

Boundaries are the most natural thing in the world when you believe that men want relationships. 

And when you believe that there are a lot of great people out there. All you have to do is let go of the wrong ones to meet them. 

We are responsible for making the decision to ask for exclusivity and being willing to walk away if that's not what they're open to or are looking for. 

We are responsible for letting our intuition guide us towards people who actually show up in a way that feels really good for us.


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