From Dating To Exclusive. 

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  • Weekly group coaching sessions.
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  • Instant online course access.
  • All-inclusive 6 month program.
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Everything you need is included:

  • 6-month dating curriculum with weekly classes (recorded) taught by Amber. 
  • 6-month weekly small group mentorship sessions with Amber.
  • 1 Monthly 1:1 mentorship session with Amber. 
  • Forever access to the From Dating To Exclusive online courses.


$2200 (6-12 month payment plans are available.)

What I hear from women just like you:

  • They feel anxious and overthink the dating process.
  • They worry about “messing it up” with the new guy they are dating.
  • They feel like they are too needy in connections.
  • They want to feel confident when speaking up and sharing their vision and needs.
  • Everything else is great in life, why does dating seem so complicated?
  • Even once they are getting dates, those dates often don’t pan out into an amazing relationship.
  • They feel like they are wasting time with the wrong guys and want to know how to attract the right ones.
  • They want to feel more confident and lighthearted when it comes to dating.
  • They want to have fun and enjoy the process.
  • They want to meet men who are emotionally mature and ready for a real relationship.
  • They want TOOLS that help them navigate the different situations and emotions that come up during dating.
  • They want to learn how to open their heart again and deeply connect with men.
  • Once they are in the relationship, they want to know how to feel secure and make it grow.
  • They don’t want their insecurities to run the show and prevent them from fully enjoying their new relationship.

What is included in the program?

Weekly Group Dating Coaching Sessions

Q&A format where you can receive coaching directly from me.

Dating & Relationship Classes And Workshops

Dating is a skill that you can learn. You will be guided through classes and workshops designed to teach you how to go From Dating To Exclusive and into a healthy relationship.

1:1 Coaching Sessions w/ Amber

1 Monthly 20-minute coaching session with Amber. Let's figure out what your dating bottlenecks are and resolve them.

Community Group Chat

A private community group chat where you can share your wins, growth, questions, and challenges with other women in the group. 

From Dating To Exclusive: The Online Course

A thorough online course designed to teach you how to escape casual dating and create a loving relationship. You will always be able to access this course even after the program is over to review concepts we learned together.


The Solution To Dating Anxiety Online Meditation Set 

An audio program that instantly soothes you when you feel anxious in the moment. 


Breaking The Dating Anxiety Cycle

A program that teaches you how to vastly reduce your dating anxiety over the long term with actionable strategies. If you struggle with dating anxiety you must do this program!


The all-inclusive program designed to get you from dating to exclusive - without playing games. 

1.) We will build your confidence.

-I’ll show you how to truly believe that you are a catch and that there are men out there who want a relationship with you right now.
-I’ll give you the exact tools and processes to overcome insecurities and unravel patterns of anxiety, even if you’ve been struggling with them for years.
-I’ll show you how to feel abundant instead of scarce when it comes to dating.

2.) We will create more dating connections.

-I’ll share with you the best ways to meet people in-person and with your new confidence, you will definitely be able to do these things.
-I’ll give you ALL the strategies for online dating so you don’t get burned out and are able to create more meaningful connections.
-I’ll show you the tell-tale signs of unavailable men so you can save your heart and stop wasting time.

3.) We will make the most out of your new connections.

-I’ll give you a reliable process to follow so you know you are doing everything on your end to give your new connection the best possible chance of blossoming.
-I’ll share dating principles that apply in every situation so you always have complete clarity on what to do next and can finally stop overthinking.
-I’ll teach you simple formulas for communication that work in every situation.
-I’ll show you how to have more deep and meaningful connections with men so that they see you as “partner material.”

4.) We will navigate the early stages of the relationship.

-Once you’re exclusive, there can still be some “dating turbulence” so I’ll give you the emotional and communication tools to navigate that.
-We’ll work on how to reach deeper levels of intimacy with your person.
-I’ll show you how to make sure your needs are met in the connection- without seeming “needy.”
-We'll make sure that any last insecurities are not getting in the way of you enjoying your relationship.
-I'll teach you important relationship skills so you can create a loving and thriving relationship.


Rachel's experience with the program. 

Rachel and I worked together for 1 year. She is now in an exclusive relationship that she is delighted by. In addition to creating a wonderful relationship, she feels a "180-degree shift" in her confidence. Rachel wanted to share her story with you- and encourage you to take the leap. 


Rosana's experience with the program. 

Rosana completed the From Dating To Exclusive program. During that time she learned how to date with more confidence, let go of the wrong guys, and find the right one. 


Zuhal's experience with the program. 

Zuhal and I worked together for just over 1 year. During that time, she met her wonderful boyfriend and they have been together ever since (over 2 years now). 


"I found the relationship I was looking for!"

Being coached by Amber has been an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for me. I’m someone who gets wrapped up in the stories my mind is telling me, and she has a way of sharing a personal experience or asking a question that makes it much harder to buy into those stories.

I’ve noticed a huge shift internally since I’ve started working with Amber. I put a lot less pressure on myself to make dates “go well” or worrying before or after about the way things went. Even more noticeably has been the effect she’s had on my relationships. At times I’ve been very confused about my feelings or the “right” thing to do. It’s been invaluable to have a coach who’s experienced in relationships and has so much wisdom to offer.

Most of all, I can’t fully describe how helpful it’s been to know I have her support no matter what happens. Even in emergencies, she’s been ready to answer a call or text. She’s extremely dedicated and talented at what she does.

I’d recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to go on more dates, find a relationship partner or take their relationship to the next level. I think it’d also be great for anyone who’s confused or intimidated by dating and/or romantic relationships.”

-Erin A.

"I met the love of my life and we are now in a relationship that is extraordinary."

"Amber has been an amazing coach. Before working with Amber I was lacking confidence in the area of dating and I was very unsure about getting a dating coach since it was a big economical investment for me. But I decided to go for it and I've never regretted it since.
Amber has taught me new tools and mindsets to use in my dating life and I've had a rapid shift in confidence. I started dating guys and was able to be confident and authentic talking to them. After some dates, I met the love of my life and we are now in a relationship that is extraordinary.
What Amber has taught me has been priceless. She is a very good listener and when I have had setbacks or felt down she has always supported me which has encouraged me to continue being who I am in this big world.
If you are doubting to start coaching sessions with Amber, I encourage you to take the leap. If you are willing to face challenges and want to change your dating life for the better - then Amber is the perfect coach for you!"

-Nikki V.

"I'm no longer anxious, overthinking, or afraid to speak up- and I have a boyfriend!"

"Coaching with Amber has been a truly amazing and transformative life experience for me. She is an incredibly wise, warm, non-judgmental teacher, who understood with great perception what I was trying to express and needed. I have developed increased confidence, assertiveness, self-worth, enjoyment, and hope for the dating process, knowledge of my thought processes... and a boyfriend! 

Since as young as I can remember I had beliefs I was somehow inadequate and would never find a partner. Dating felt like a giant mystery that everyone else could solve except for me. I felt I was trying but sinking in mud. Dating, and feeling I was not progressing in building a meaningful connection, was the biggest source of pain in my life. Ambers approach was a breath of fresh air and gave me hope. Coaching with Amber was like learning an exciting new skill. Her style simultaneously touches on deep issues and yet brings lightness and humor to the process. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process (even with some growth pains!).

When I met Amber I was seeing someone in the early stages of dating. We had not clarified if we were exclusive or talked about whether we wanted a relationship. He was showing mixed messages of investing in the connection. My usual approach was to wait for the other person to bring up any of these conversations, as I was afraid of being „too needy“ and „ruining“ the chance of a relationship. I spent my efforts on trying to be the person I thought they would like and didn’t see the value I could bring to a connection. This left me anxious, constantly overthinking and trying to read small signs such as text messages and actions to see if they liked me and guess what they wanted. This was exhausting and took away from my sense of agency and peace of mind.

During coaching with Amber I learned to recognize my worth and the value I can bring to a connection. I developed skills in listening to my emotions to understand what I am comfortable with, and what I am striving for in a connection. Then I learned to speak up and initiate difficult conversations, to clarify what I want and where the other person was at. A fundamental mindset I learned was that my needs are just as important as the other persons. After all, I want to ultimately be in a relationship where someone respects me and values me speaking up in order for the relationship to grow. Bringing up these conversations helped me get what I wanted! My boyfriend reflected on the conversations I had brought up and changed his actions to invest in our connection to the level I was hoping for. He even said “although the conversations were uncomfortable I’m glad we had them because they progressed the relationship”, an amazing outcome!

I would recommend Coaching with Amber for absolutely anyone struggling in dating, it is truly worth the investment! Thanks Amber :)"