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The Most Important, Number One Worthwhile Thing That We Do in Life

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2022

We get to have many experiences during our time here on earth.

There are so many things you can do here. You can eat a cheeseburger. You can go for a jog or a hike. You can travel. You can strive in your career and create success.

I think the most exquisite, beautiful, fulfilling, rewarding, and special experience that we get to have is our relationships with other people.

Some of us did not get the natural tools that we need to create the level of relationship that we would like to experience in this lifetime. We have to unlearn things from the past, and we have to learn new skills in order to have those relationships.

It’s so worth it to learn those skills to be able to have those amazing relationships because, yes a cheeseburger is so good, but nothing compares to good friendships, coworker relationships, and romantic relationships.

Here is a mindset shift that helped me have more amazing relationships and enjoy my experience of relationships a lot more:

I used to have thoughts like, “I’m an introvert,” “I don’t like small talk,” and “I only want to hang out with people who I already have a close relationship with.”

I was really neglecting the value of the small connections that we have with people, even if it’s just being around them. We get so many health and mental benefits from being in connection with people.

Connection helps prevent depression, heals our mind and our body, calms our nervous system, and helps us live longer.

The new mindset that changed the way I relate to people was, “Whenever I am in somebody else’s company they are helping me be healthier and happier just by being there.”

 I started seeing how other people gave me something irreplaceable just by sitting next to me.

They gave me something of value just by chatting with me about the weather.

As soon as I started seeing people that way, I noticed that I made more friends, I felt calmer around people, I felt less lonely, and I enjoyed my time with people more.

I felt a lot less pressure when I knew I didn’t need to massively impress people or be the most interesting, cool person in order to add value to somebody’s life. Just being around somebody in their vicinity breathing is healthy for them and helps them be happier too.

Sometimes we just forget how important relationships are and start to value other things more, as if there could ever be a substitute for the relationships in our lives.


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