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The Math of Dating

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2022

Today I want to share with you an idea that I call “the two percent rule.” 

It says that you have a two percent chance of ending up happily married to someone you go on a date with. 

Of course it would be very difficult to actually figure out that statistic, but it’s a helpful thought to have when dating. 

Two percent sounds like a really small number, but on the other hand it’s one out of fifty. 

If you're going on a date per week like I teach my clients to do, you're going on about fifty dates per year.

That’s just one new person per week. 

That means it's possible for you to meet somebody that you will be happily married to within the year. 

And just because it's a two percent chance, that doesn't mean it will be the very last person at the end of the year. It could be the very next person. 

In that sense, it really is a numbers game. 

But also since we're human, it's not just about meeting the right person. You can also make changes in your approach, your mindset, and the way that you are dating. 

The math is in your favor. You stay on the path. You stay the course. 

You keep meeting people, and you will meet people who you have the potential to create an awesome relationship with. 

And remember, it’s not like everyone sucks until you meet your person!

You will have so many fun and sexy experiences with the people who you go on dates with.  

Believing in the two percent rule also changes the purpose of all of those other dates that you go on that are not with your person. 

Those other people let us practice bringing out different sides of ourselves, speaking up, or asking for exclusivity. 

We might mess up sometimes. We might take the wrong approach or not show up in the right way. That is the purpose of meeting all of these people. 

Keep in mind, two percent is just a random statistic that somebody made up. It's not actually scientifically proven. 

But it gives validity to the fact that it is very unique when we meet somebody that we connect with on all of those levels.

It doesn’t happen every day. 

But it's also not impossible, and it’s not that far away. 


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