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Partial Results

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2022

This week I was reading through some messages from the clients in my current coaching program, From Dating to Exclusive.

We have a private Slack group where all of the participants can connect with each other.

It warmed my heart because they are so funny, and I noticed that they all have two general mindsets.

One was silliness and playfulness. They are having fun with the process, laughing about mistakes they’ve made, laughing about some of the people that they’ve encountered, and making light of things.

And the other thing I noticed is that they all have a growth mindset as they are sharing these things.

They aren't just complaining and commiserating, they are sharing what they've learned and they are inspired by the steps that they have taken.

What I saw in these conversations was the general theme of “no matter what happened yesterday, I'm on the right path and I trust this process.”

And so I just wanted to share that concept with you today, which is to value the little shifts that you're making and to value your growth along the way.

The way that we create that mindset is by celebrating and affirming every result that we have, no matter what the result is.

Value the partial results that lead up to the big result that you're going after.

Every time that you get a partial result, you tell yourself “I'm growing, I'm learning, I did something courageous, I did something new. I'm on the right track. I'm getting there.”

And I actually think this growth mindset, where you celebrate yourself for all of the things that you learn every single day, is going to be the number one indicator of what your experience in dating will be like.

Growth means aliveness, zest for life, and being in touch with your own evolution.

That energy is super magnetic, and it's very inspiring to other people.

You'll notice that when other people have that kind of perspective, you are drawn to them as well.

Another thing that is super helpful in dating is having an “it's done” mindset, which means thinking about your goal and knowing on a really deep level it's already done.  

I'm on the right path and I trust the process.

Having that level of certainty helps so much throughout all of the ups and downs of dating until you get to your goal.

It helps you enjoy the process because you know that it's all leading to the same place.

It's only a matter of time.

You can develop that mindset of believing that it is a sure thing by appreciating every little partial result that you get along the way as if it's the full result.


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