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My Favorite Mindset Shifts and Thoughts

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2022

Here are some of my favorite mindset shifts that can really help in life and dating. 

The dots always connect looking backwards. 

This is an idea from Steve Jobs, and it’s so true with any area of life that you’re wanting to improve. 

Trying to figure out exactly how you’re going to do something can make you feel like you can’t move forward until you know all the steps that you’re going to take. 

Instead, focus on taking the next best action and doing what you do know how to do at this point. 

Trust that it’s going to come together if you keep learning and keep implementing those little shifts. 

Don’t analyze your life when you’re in a negative state. 

Often when we are in a negative state, we decide we need to fix everything in our lives. 

It’s not the time to strategize when you’re feeling insecure or you just had a rejection, because it’s coming from your lowest state of mind. 

I like to think about how I want to grow when I'm feeling inspired. That’s when I dream the biggest and believe in myself the most. 

The past does not equal the future. 

I learned this concept from Tony Robbins. 

Before I learned this, I always decided what was possible for me based on what I had done before and how well I had done it. 

It was a terrible cycle because if something didn’t go well, I wouldn’t try to grow. I just assumed that I would fail. 

Looking at the future, what you want is possible.

Think more about what you do want than what you don’t want. 

This reminder is important whenever I catch myself thinking about what I'm trying to avoid in life. 

When we are focused on who we don’t want to be and what we don’t want to do, we are naturally shifting our energy to match that. 

Instead, we want to feel inspired by who we do want to be, and then focus our energy to go toward that goal. 

Whatever you’re currently experiencing is just the lagged response of your past thinking. 

Sometimes we can get really caught up in a current situation that we don’t like because we feel like it’s permanent and we can’t change it. 

Actually, it’s just the result of whatever we’ve been thinking and doing for the last six months. 

You can always change it and head in a new direction. 

Doubt thoughts aren’t true. 

They’re just not. 

One hundred percent responsibility and whatever it takes. 

I got these concepts from Dr Aziz. 

Depending on how committed you are to your goal, you will experience a different level of empowerment and likelihood of achieving it. 

I like to remind myself that my goal is my responsibility. My life is my responsibility. What I want to create is my responsibility. I will approach this goal with a “whatever it takes” mindset. 

That gives a soothing ease to achieving goals. You have an endless amount of chances because you’re never going to give up on yourself. 

Every environment has a limit on possibility. 

In her podcast “The School of Self Image,” Tonya Leigh talks about elevating your environment to create an exponential shift in your life. That could mean traveling or joining a mastermind or coaching program. 

The biggest thing for me was being around people who think bigger than me. Surround yourself with people who have thoughts that you like. 

What you seek is seeking you. 

This idea from Rumi changes the way that you feel, especially in dating. 

There is no way that the relationship that you want and the person that you want it with is not looking for you. 

It’s not like you’re going out to find it and it’s running away from you. It is coming toward you at the same time. You’re magnetically drawn to each other. 

Everything I give my attention and commitment to gets better. 

I noticed this when I was reflecting on with the ways that I've grown and things I've been doing in my life. I think that’s one of the most powerful self-concepts that you can have. 


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