Online Courses

Below you'll find Amber's DIY online courses to help you with specific aspects of dating.


Feeling anxious in dating?

This course teaches you 10 fundamental lessons that help you ease dating anxiety. In this course we cover: 

1.) How to cultivate self-compassion and confidence when dating turbulence arises.
2.) How to feel more courageous instead of afraid in dating.
3.) How to let go of the outcome and enjoy the process more. 
4.) How to feel more comfortable with space in your connection.
5.) Building trust in the new relationship through "tests." 
6.) Letting go of trying to "make it work" so you can feel more at ease with how things unfold.
7.) Letting go of perfectionism so that you don't feel like you are walking on eggshells. 
8.) Clarifying your value that you bring to the connection so you feel more confident.
9.) Learning the difference between what you can and can't control.
10.) Clarifying boundaries and learning how to communicate confidently.