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How To Meet Men In Person - OFFLINE Dating

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

In this video I share a few tips and ideas to help you get started meeting men in person. It's tough because online dating makes it so easy to stay in our shell and not practice creating opportunities in real life.

First of all, I am a huge supporter of online dating! I actually met one of my long-time loves on Tinder :)

The problem is, we want to make sure you also have the skill set of meeting people in person. Many people use online dating as a way of hiding from the real world and try to avoid rejection or discomfort. 

Here are some tips to help you meet men in person:

1.) Talk to everyone, not just the hot men!

You want to be the kind of person to talks to everyone, that way when you do happen to see someone you find attractive it's not a huge, special occasion! 

You naturally will know how to start conversation with people in different environments which will come in very handy when you see someone you like. 

Talk to the person next to you in line, talk to the cashier, talk to the person buying the same milk brand as you in the grocery store. 

Most importantly, delete the idea from your mind that some people (aka hot guys) are more valuable to talk to than others. 

Expand your purpose for talking to everyone. Be curious. Have new experiences and you will organically draw in men that you are attracted to as well. 

2.) More action = less fear.

Be honest... if I gave you $1000 for you to meet an attractive man in the next 10 minutes, could you make it happen?


My guess is you already have some ideas about how to meet men in person but are held back by fear. 

The fear dissolves when we allow ourselves to actually entertain these ideas and take immediate action on them.

The more you hide, the more you tell yourself "I don't know how", the more afraid you become. 

Try on these thoughts instead:

"I'm going to figure out how."

"I am committed to learning how to meet men in person."

"I am practicing becoming the woman who easily meets men in person."

"I take action, even when I am afraid."

"Every action is a step forward."

3.) You may need to start small at first. 

Practice saying hello to people in the street. Practice smiling at men you are attracted to at parties. Anything that makes you feel a little nervous is a win!

You will build of your courage and ability very quickly if you continually push your comfort-zone in this area. 

4.) Adopt a giver's mindset. 

Realize that anytime you express genuine interest or curiosity in someone's life you are adding value. 

A big fear that comes up when meeting people in person is that we are bothering them or taking their time. 

If you are friendly, give them a compliment, share, ask questions or break up their routine in some way, that is more valuable than them finishing the song they were listening to or whatever else they are doing.

Listen, I've done all of this! Make sure to have fun with it. Be playful, be spontaneous, if it's not fun you're doing it wrong! 

Ask yourself: How can I make this experience 10% more fun? 


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