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5 Easy Steps To Create Your Tribe And Build Friendships

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2019

In this podcast episode, I shared the five steps I follow to meet new people and create friendships. (BTW this helps with meeting potential dates as well!)

Throughout my life, I have moved a lot. I am half Swiss and Half American and I had to learn how to create close friendships with people in a brand new place where I didn't know anyone. 

It can be really challenging to make new friends after High School and College or outside of work because even if you meet someone awesome you don't see them everyday which makes it challenging to build a connection. 

So I wanted to share a few tips to create those friendships. It takes more effort than when you naturally meet people through work or school but it's worth it!

Step 1: Meet As Many People As Possible. 

The most important part of this step is to cast your net WIDE. Make a goal for how many people you want to connect with any time you go out. Don’t be picky in this step, you’ll filter and find out who your people are in the later steps. 

Step 2: Trade Contact Information.

Once you have interacted with someone, even for a short period of time, trade information so you can invite them to activities later on. Here’s what I like to say: “I organize fun things to do with my friends and cool people I meet in town on a regular basis I would love to invite you some time. Do you have Facebook?” That’s it! And even though it’s simple it does feel scary to risk having them say no. No risk, no reward is what I always say!

Step 3: The Invitation

Ask yourself the following question: “What do I WISH someone would invite me to?” Now go ahead and create that. Start by making a Facebook group and inviting ALL the people you have met over the past several weeks. Many if not most people will not be able to come. This means nothing about you. This is why the first step is to meet as many people as possible and cast your net wide!

Step 4: The Hangout 

Most of the organizing will already have been taken care of so you really just need to have fun during this step! Show up as a leader and take responsibility for your experience. If you’re not having as much fun as you’d like, bring more energy to the table or come prepared with fun questions to ask people. 

Step 5: Follow Up

You may be drawn to meet some people one on one after the hangout. Some people you may never see again. Either way, just continue to repeat this process, meet new people and organize more hangouts. You will eventually draw a good group of people to you and they will be grateful that you have made connecting with other like-minded people so easy for them. Don’t put pressure on any specific people to become your friends. Just keep creating the opportunities and the right people will stick. 

Thanks for reading! 

Do you need additional support in creating meaningful relationships? Check out the Coaching page for more information about one-on-one support :)

Listen to the full episode here: 



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