From Dating To Exclusive - Without Playing Games

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If you join my program, you will have everything you need to go from dating to exclusive.

I will teach you how to get there in 3 simple steps:

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Create more dates on demand.

Specific strategies to meet more people and go on more dates both online and in-person.

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Make the most out of your connections.

How to rock your dates, find the perfect balance between space and connection, and create deep connections with men.

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Make your new relationship thrive.

Navigate the early stages of a new connection with confidence and help it grow into it's full potential. 

Everything You Need Is Included:

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Group Coaching

Connect with other women on the same journey as you and learn from each other.

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Personalized 1:1 Coaching With Amber

Go in depth and get personalized feedback and coaching support with Amber.

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Chat support with Amber

Send me a message anytime something comes up between sessions for additional support between calls. 

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The Solution To Dating Anxiety Online Program.

Feeling anxious? Turn on any of the audio tapes guiding you through your toughest dating challenges. 

YOU can do it too. If you are READY to create an extraordinary dating experience, apply below.


Here's what other women just like you had to say: 

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"I met the love of my life and we are now in a relationship that is extraordinary."

"Amber has been an amazing coach. Before working with Amber I was lacking confidence in the area of dating and I was very unsure about getting a dating coach, since it was a big economical investment for me. But I decided to buy 12 coaching sessions and I've never regret it since.
Amber has taught me new tools and mindsets to use in my dating life and I've had a rapid shift in confidence. I started dating guys and was able to be confident and authentic talking to them. After some dates I met the love of my life and we are now in a relationship that is extraordinary.
What Amber has taught me has been priceless. She is a very good listener and when I have had setbacks or felt down she has always supported me which has encouraged me to continue being who I am in this big world.
If you are doubting to start coaching sessions with Amber, I encourage you to take the leap. If you are willing to face challenges and want to change your dating life to the better - then Amber is the perfect coach for you!"

-Nikki V.

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"I found the relationship I was looking for!"

Being coached by Amber has been an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for me. I’m someone who gets wrapped up in the stories my mind is telling me, and she has a way of sharing a personal experience or asking a question that makes it much harder to buy into those stories.

I’ve noticed a huge shift internally since I’ve started working with Amber. I put a lot less pressure on myself to make dates “go well” or worrying before or after about the way things went. Even more noticeably has been the effect she’s had on my relationships. At times I’ve been very confused about my feelings or the “right” thing to do. It’s been invaluable to have a coach who’s experienced in relationships and has so much wisdom to offer.

Most of all, I can’t fully describe how helpful it’s been to know I have her support no matter what happens. Even in emergencies, she’s been ready to answer a call or text. She’s extremely dedicated and talented at what she does.

I’d recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to go on more dates, find a relationship partner or take their relationship to the next level. I think it’d also be great for anyone who’s confused or intimidated by dating and/or romantic relationships.”

-Erin A.

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"I have a boyfriend this year for Valentine's! Yayyy!"

"I've just concluded my three month coaching sessions with Amber; and, I can honestly say, there has been a major shift. I feel much more confident and self-aware than I did before. Previously, in my dating life, I was often scared and nervous to open up and be my true self, especially when saying what I know I wanted to say. Since working with Amber, I've learned to reevaluate the stories I create; and, more importantly, I learned how to set healthy boundaries and be true to myself. I highly recommend working with Amber for anyone who finds themselves anxious when it comes to love."

-Sarah H.

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"Dating Is Now Fun And Exciting"

“I initially found Amber's podcasts when my dating anxiety became unbearable. I binge-listened to all of her podcasts in less than 2 weeks and that alone helped alleviate a large amount of my anxiety, so I knew I had to work with her one-on-one.

Our coaching sessions have been absolutely life changing for me. Amber is as much a life coach as she is a dating coach. She has taught me so many valuable skills including the ability to be vulnerable, communicate effectively and be kind/compassionate towards myself. Amber is incredibly insightful and takes such a poised, elegant approach to interacting with people. My dating life is transitioning from stressful to fun and exciting.

I have a new-found confidence and respect for myself that I didn't even realize I was missing. I am looking forward to continuing to work with my amazing coach and highly recommend her to everyone who is/has ever struggled with dating!

-Zuhal A.

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